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This course is for singers who want to ROCK the mental game of the music business; master the MINDSET and INSIDER TACTICS required to SUCCEED.

Learn key techniques to protect your most VALUABLE ASSETS –

your VOICE  & your MIND.

Stay STRESS-RESISTANT and HAPPY throughout your CAREER on the classical or musical theatre stage.

Learn to:

Katrin Targo, M.A. - Soprano, Teacher

I work with singers, from all over the world, to realize their dream of becoming professional vocalists. In addition to vocal technique, interpretation, and performance skills, I teach singers the mindset required for success in the music business. 


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About the Online Course

COURSE STARTS ON 20th of February, 2023

Win the Mental Game - for Singers


This is a 4-Week Online Course for Professional and Aspiring Vocal Soloists.

Have you ever experienced stress before exams, lessons or auditions? Are you afraid of making mistakes in your performance? Feeling you might not be “talented enough”? Afraid of criticism? 

In this course you will get step-by-step instructions on how to appreciate yourself for your talents and for who you are as a singer; how to deal with random as well as  constructive criticism; how to get over performance jitters and stay calm through the hard moments in the business. In addition you will be instructed on how to make your own mental hygiene recording. You’ll also learn how to present yourself to your ideal customers, colleagues and agents. 

Protecting your voice and your mind will be the two most important goals in your professional life.

You will learn techniques to stay stress-resistant and happy throughout your career and ensure your success on the classical or musical theatre stage.

This course is of great benefit to both aspiring and already professional vocalists who want to improve their mental game and succeed in the music business. 

Course length is 4 weeks and the starting date is 20.02.2023.

Certificate of completion is available upon request.

My Experience

I've been successful freelance concert and opera singer since 2012.

Winner of multiple international singing competitions

I studied at different educational institutions, including the Estonian Music Academy (M.A. in Opera in 2007) and the Viennese University for Music and Performance (M.A. in Musical Dramatical Performance in 2012)

I started training as a musician at 5 years of age. I was a concert pianist and teacher before deciding to major in Opera singing in 1999.

1999 - today
Taking part in Competitions and giving concerts all over Europe

Among others, the only female laureate in New York Carnegie Hall in 2016 New York Oratorio Society Competition.

2018 - today
Learned Hypnotherapy and grounded the Mental Hygiene Zone

Studied in person with Marisa Peer in London.

2012 - today
Freelance Concert and Opera Singer and Educator

Enjoying my life as a freelance classical singer, an educator – and my own boss.